Sole et. Al Women's Revølutiøn Double Layered Cropped Tee : Sand / Military Green

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A SS revolutionary campaign designed to empower and inspire- a unique blend of luxury high-end fashion and streetwear that draws inspiration from the power of social revolution and the idea of fighting in unison for a better world. Transforming bold graphics, edgy silhouettes, and unique details into luxury streetwear; each piece is manufactured to ensure both durability and comfort. The double layered cropped  tee is unique a durable cropped tee finished with the Revolutionary motif and branding. The tee is built fit for purpose with a lycra underlayer.
  • 450 : GSM Cotton Blend / Lycra Underlayer

  • Sole et. Al Revølution Motif 

  • Sole et. Al Metal Clip Detailing